Why BI matters

Data is an extremely powerful tool and can provide valuable insights that enable you to optimise performance and make well informed decisions.

The problem is, most businesses don’t know how to effectively interpret the vast amount of data that they process. Information is often siloed within different systems and files, with access restricted to one or two individuals.

Due to modern technology and the rise of big data along with an increasing digital skills gap, this issue is only set to soar. Therefore, it has never been more important to get to grips with your data. But how exactly can this be achieved?

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According to the International Data Corporation (IDC)*, the amount of data created worldwide will increase 61% by 2025, with around a third set to be consumed in real-time.

*Data Age 2025, The Digitization of the World

Data transformation explained

At Air BI, we help businesses gather and organise raw data and transform it into useful and meaningful information through visual presentation. Working closely with our expert team of BI consultants and analysts, we’ll get to know your business including its key processes, objectives and KPIs so we can help you discover the insights needed to reach your goals.

Our 4-step guide demonstrates how we help you transform and turn raw data into meaningful business insights.

A stack of unsorted green and blue building bricks

1. Raw Data

Initially, all data starts off in a raw and unorganised state – think of your data as the bricks in the image. Typically, this sort of data is difficult to interpret and requires extensive analysis to derive any valuable meaning. Furthermore, it is usually spread across various systems including software, applications and files with little integration between them.

Piles of green and blue and grey building brocks sorted in to colours

2. Sorted Data

With full integration into a wide range of standard and custom databases, we’ll help you identify, clean and extract raw data from key reporting sources. We’ll manage the whole process, mapping and translating data sets and unique values into a clear and meaningful language that you can understand. In the example shown here, the data has been sorted by colour making it much simpler and quicker for users to digest.

Green, blue and grey building bricks arranged into columns by colour

3. Arranged Data

Instead of reporting on individual sources, we’ll bring all your data together in one view creating meaningful groups, so you can see and interpret it with greater understanding. In this example, the data has now been arranged by colour and size, and you can begin to see some patterns emerging.

Columns of green, blue and grey building blocks sorted by colour and size from smallest to largest

4. Presented Visually

Utilising our best-in-class BI platform, we’ll create easy-to-use dashboards that bring your data to life with rich, interactive reports and compelling visualisations. With one accurate and transparent view of performance, we’ll enable you to analyse your data with greater speed, efficiency and understanding and drive change to accelerate your business goals.

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